Born Cashae’ Monae’ Davis the artist we now know as “Daisy” from the time she was 8 months old her mother knew she would be something special. Daisy never crawled like most babies at 8 months she just got up and walked and until this day that has been her approach on life.

Daisy is a rapper, songwriter, dancer and performer. She began rapping at the age of 7 when she would copy her step-father Jamal Cooper Sr. and would video tape herself saying his raps... After he realized her love for music he began teaching her how to format verses from the counting of bars to the usage of more complex words. Her parents were astonished at the musical ability that began to transpire before their very eyes by the time she was 10. It was clear that she was no ordinary talent but had something incredibly special and anointed that could only come from God.

At age 22 Daisy has realized her purpose in the entertainment realm. At the age of 15 God called her into a new generation of music ministry. He anointed her with a spiritual gift that is so prolific that it is necessary to be placed on an international level. The messages that God gives her through her gifted penmanship are far from the traditional sound of gospel music. Daisy believes that the Gospel has opened up its doors for radical young musicians that follow Christ. It is her passion and love for Christ and his Kingdom that drives the force within her to musical heights that have only been exposed through some of the greatest performers of all time. Daisy has graced a many stage in her young blossoming career but now that God has given her the green light Stadium sellouts are to be expected. This triple threat does music, TV and feature films she Starred In the David La Chapelle Movie RIZE, featured in Be Cool, The movie Thirteen, the BET awards with Ciara, Chris Browns “Run It” & “Yo” videos, A few commercials and she has been honored by the City Of Los Angeles for contributing her time and music to raising funds for disenfranchised children. Daisy has also been involved with a Nickelodeon Broadband TV show called The Giggle Club/Star Camp with Nick Cannon, QD3 & Quincy Jones Sr.

Daisy is the founder of Heavenly Rock Star International, which is a contemporary kingdom based camp of young artists who aim to “Inform, Transform, & Inspire” through Art. HRS is the missing piece of the puzzle to today’s generation of entertainment an alternative to the typical “drugs, sex, and money” messages instead they deliver “substance, hope, & love”.

Daisy has traveled overseas to Japan, Germany, & Ukraine teaching Krump dance workshops. She’s a member of Street Kingdom (who featured on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6) the forefront of the movement and an originator of the dance. K.R.U.M.P. has been a passion much like music the idea of an outlet to get away from it all the circumstances of life and release it through the art of dance with an aggressive edge was her inspiration and now has became part of her lifestyle.

Daisy would like to challenge the perception of the way youth view Life. She wants to take it back to a time where the message in the music was the most important thing while acknowledging the Maker.