The Late Pearl Spear

Honorary Co-Founder

One day I met a lady. Her name was Pearlie Mae. She testified in church one day and she really blew me away. It was almost like I knew her. Like I'd felt her spirit before. She had a certain boldness as she walked through the doubled doors.

As she approached the altar to join the church, she turned & looked at me. With a smile so bright & a glimmer in her eyes that seem so familiar to me. This look I'd had seen in the eyes of my Nana, The Late Pastor Eva Mae. A woman of God with vision & purpose who still inspires Ms. Eva J.

As I smiled in return I felt a sense of faith coming back to me. At the age of 19 when my faith was destroyed and no trust living in me. As she threw up her hands "Use Me Lord Jesus" were the words that she cried that day. I was so inspired by her hunger for God I wanted to feel that way.

Over the years she taught many things I'd never thought I'd dream. Helping me with my visions and bringing the best out of me. Feeding me with the word of God and planting seeds in me. Giving me reasons to trust again & release my destiny.

At age 26 we shared big dream now known as "Anointed Vision" Something not staged, not fake, and not copied, but with a spiritual mission. Something to lost souls to Christ in a non-traditional way. Touching lives around the word with a special message to say.

Praisefest 2004 we shared our biggest vision. The Pearl Spear Vision Award in which you presented. You live to see our dream unfold with the place packed wall to wall. As a crazy praise filled the room & echoed from miles to come.

Who knew that would be the last service that you would ever attend? Before God took you home to give wings with feathered ends. I remember calling your room last year on Valentine's Day. You told me that you loved me and you were proud of me you said. You told me to carry the vision. You said it would be hard. But you told me not to give up. God has complete control.

So I'll carry the torch and complete the visions and cross the finish line. And I'll see you in heaven at God's Pearlie Gates as I stand boldly in line.

Written by Eva J (your prodigy)